Personal Information Protection Policy

The basic principle

In view of the importance of personal information protection, persons engaged in all aware of its responsibility in business, our company, personal information in compliance with relevant laws and guidelines legislation (Personal Information Protection Law) Other for the protection of personal information

1. Full obtain personal information

Range and business need, we will obtain personal information by fair means in lawful.

2. Full use of personal information purposes

Our company does not intend to use it beyond the scope of the purpose of use without the consent of the original purchaser who, the personal information that has been acquired. Personal information acquired by the Company, to use for the following purposes.

  • Guidance of business on about the service
  • Requested documents related to the handling services and shipping of materials
  • After-sales service and support for service
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Quality improvement and improvement of services

3. Full renew personal information security management

For controlling the security of personal data to be handled, the development of the implementation system and the development of handling rules and regulations relating to safety management, with sufficient security measures, in order to ensure the accuracy and currency of, our, necessary and appropriate

4. The provision of personal information to third parties

With the exception of the following cases, we will not provide your personal data to any third party without the consent of the person in question.

  • If you are based on the laws and regulations
  • To the extent necessary business operations on our, if you need to provide personal information to partner companies
    In addition, to the appropriate management as well as seek the proper handling of personal information to the subcontractors, provided even in this case.
  • If that person's life, be necessary for the protection of the health or property, take your consent is difficult

5. Contact us for our

Inquiries consultation and handling of personal information of our company, regarding your personal information,This directionPlease contact. It should be noted that, at the time of inquiries about your personal information, and we will respond as soon as possible after confirming that it is the person himself.