Seed-breed name of aquatic plants, announcement of some change

2016On December 14

This time, it is a "species of aquatic plants," that I was allowed to be released as a new product, the Cuban Pearl glass
Was verification, we found that the training situation is different from the Cuban Pearl glass.
Pearl glass itself, but some of the subspecies exist, from experts, currently in Japan
The product that has been sold got a view of the slightly different kind.
It is proposed, in order to avoid everyone of misunderstanding or confusion with the "carpet Pearl Glass"
It has decided to allow me to sell by changing the breed name.
Retailers like much to exceed your order is expected from, since it is not yet enough to be in stock amount
Middle. We have not reached the stage line up abundantly in the over-the-counter, to some extent resolved in the new year,
Next spring, to until the temperature is trimmed rises and nurturing environment, and can be delivered to your hand of everyone
So we thought, so that you can wait for a while now, thank you.,ja