For "premium seed" breed name change

2017On January 6

Prior, although with regard to Cuba pearl glass I was allowed to report your change of breed name due to various reasons, also with regard to Heagurasu short hair glass, that there is the original varieties and differences in the training process, we have found.,ja
It is therefore recommended that customers contact sale, but .. is going was I do a variety of verification even if we do with our, not cod verification at the professional point of view, that get your point out this product from the detailed user like to have received your purchase waterweed in the previous year.,ja
It is proposed, similar to Pearl glass, in order to avoid the user like of misunderstanding, confusion, has decided that I am allowed to ship by changing the breed name is also with regard to Heagurasu.
I am sorry to put you to over and over again inconvenience than before shipment.

Bian Bian more and more former species name after the breed name
ヘアグラス        ニューロングヘア
ショートヘアグラス    ニューショートヘア

Or more, thank you.,ja