2020December 21 Notice

Announcement of New Year holiday

Than usual、Thank you very much for your continued support.。 Now、At our company、The year-end and New Year holidays will be from Saturday, December 26, 2nd year of Reiwa to Monday, January 4th, 3rd year of Reiwa.。 We cannot respond to product inquiries during the holidays.。 We apologize for the inconvenience、Thank you for your understanding.。

2020September 14, Notice

Maruyama moss sold out information

"Maruyama Goke" has been well received by everyone.、Due to the personal circumstances of the collector、It is no longer possible to continue collecting in the future。 Therefore、Maruyama moss will be discontinued.。 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.。 Yet、J.GREEN's "Hypnum plumae"、We will continue to sell "Yamagoke", so we appreciate your patronage.。  

2020September 4 Notice

Notice of temporary closure due to typhoon No. 10

9It is predicted that a super-large typhoon No. 10 will land in Kyushu from June 6 to 7.。 Considering the safety of employees、In order to avoid damage, we will temporarily close on September 7th (Monday)。 Yet、Same day shipping、Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries.。 We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.。 Please be careful with all of you.。

2020August 20 Notice

Launch of new product "Premium Dry Shrimp"。

We will release "Premium Dry Shrimp", which has a high taste, and is made by drying and naturally cooling Isami。(Please refer to the staff blog for details) New release "Premium Dry Shrimp" series、This product is、There is no renewal product of Krill Granule。

2020August 20 Notice

[Note] Spam mail、Information about spoofing emails

Recently、There are many "spoofing emails" that pretend to be our company and send emails.。 E-mails and URL addresses not related to customers、We will never send attached data (word, Excel), etc.。 If you receive such an email the URL site、Please do not open the attached data and delete it。  

2020August 06 Notice

2020年度 夏季休業のお知らせ

Than usual、Thank you very much for your continued support.。 Now、At our company、8From Thursday, March 13th to Sunday, August 16th, the summer holidays will be closed.。 We apologize for the inconvenience、Thank you for your understanding.。 Yet、During summer holidays、Please note that the shipment of products and the response to inquiries may be delayed.。

2020August 06 Notice

Krill granules、Thank you for the questionnaire and interim report

Thank you for your many answers, even though we just sent you a sample.。 Also、Even after the deadline, we have many submissions、To the size you expect、Awesome。 Regarding the survey results、You can't make a decision if you don't have enough answers、 just now、Honestly、It is the current situation that the percentage is not enough to restart sales.。 this time、Under the influence of coronavirus、Abennie Puffer not imported、By not being able to test enough、 Thank you for your cooperation、Considering the negative effects of SNS such as reputation、There was also concern that the decision was correct as a company.。 However、We touched on your sincere opinions and warm consideration.、It is true that I felt what it should be as a manufacturer。 Our company、Not a large company in the industry,、We would like to release products that users can use with satisfaction.。 The expectations for Krill Granules were also very strong.。 With the cooperation of everyone、We would like to launch the successor product of Krill Granule as soon as possible.。 Inside the corona vortex、I think it will be difficult, but I pray from the bottom of my heart。

2020July 30 Notice


Yesterday、Regarding the request for cooperation in the "Krill Granules" feeding test questionnaire we posted、 We received many applications、Without waiting for the deadline、Sample quantity is over。 Therefore、Today July 30th 10:00We will end the recruitment of questionnaires。 Many applications、Thank you very much。

2020July 29 Notice


just now、Krill Granule、We are aiming for resale by repeating trial and error Due to the influence of the new coronavirus、The situation where the living body (Aveny Pafa) does not enter Japan from the importing country continues.。 for that reason、At our company, the feeding test cannot be performed sufficiently and the improvement results cannot be confirmed as expected.。Therefore、For those who are currently breeding Aveny Pafa、We would appreciate your cooperation in the feeding test of the prototype at this stage.。 ・How to apply Inquiry form on our website (http://Please fill in the required items from jun-co.com/inquiry/) and write "Questionnaire application" in the inquiry content and send it。 ※The deadline is 8/5 (Wednesday) 23:59Up to。 From those who have completed the application at any time、We will send an e-mail to answer the questionnaire, so please check the contents.、Please respond to the feeding test and questionnaire and reply by e-mail.。 Yet、We will send our original key chain as a test sample and a crude product to all applicants.。 Please note that regardless of the deadline, we may end as soon as the test samples run out.。 ・Only one application (one family member) is required per application.。 ・Please note that we will not be responsible for any illness or death of the living organism bred by the feeding sample.。 This time、We apologize for the inconvenience caused to users regarding the long-term shortage of krill granules.。 We will do our utmost to make it possible to resell it as soon as possible, so please understand.、Thank you for your cooperation.。

2020July 06,zh-CN Notice


Regarding "Krill Granule Missing Items" that we are guiding you from before, we are very worried about the users.、We apologize for the inconvenience.。 We have received many inquiries from many users regarding the resumption of krill granules.。 Therefore, we will inform you of the progress status at this stage.。 Our company、Looking for an alternative factory、We have reached the stage of sample production, but because the manufacturing method and ingredients are different for many minutes、The important bit of Aveny Pafa's bite、I can't confirm one more。 Under this circumstance, we have decided that resale is not possible at all.、We are making further improvements。 At the beginning、6It was planned to be resold from late March to early July,、For these reasons, we have been forced to extend the restart of sales.。 Also、We will inform you as soon as the progress status and resale date are decided.Thank you for your understanding.。 We appreciate your continued support for our products.。

2020年05月18日 Notice


Usually、Thank you very much for your continued support.。 Now、The "Krill Granule" that has been well received since its launch is now、It is out of stock for a long time, and we apologize for the inconvenience.。 Regarding the process of missing items、From the manufacturing plant, administrative guidance was issued that from the viewpoint of hygiene, non-food products (such as pet food) should not be manufactured.、For us、We are working hard to resume sales。just now、We are asking for production at a new factory。However、For manufacturing on a completely different line、The raw materials themselves are the same,、Due to differences in manufacturing method, etc.、There are some differences with existing products。We will take these solutions as soon as possible。We will contact you as soon as a specific time to resume sales is decided.。We apologize for the inconvenience.。

2020April 28,,zh-CN Notice


Than usual、Thank you very much for your continued support.。 Now、At our company、4We will be closed for Golden Week from 29th (Wednesday/holiday) to 2nd May (Saturday) to 6th May (Wednesday/holiday)。 We apologize for the inconvenience、Thank you for your understanding.。 Yet、During Golden Week holidays、Please note that you may be able to reply to inquiries.。

2020February 26,,zh-CN Notice


The "Premium Seed Series" has been very well received since its release.、Poor quality due to rising domestic demand (poor germination)、Mixed with impurities)、Maintaining quality at the conventional level has become difficult。 Also、Considering the increase in handling by domestic peer companies、We are currently、It will be sold out only with the stock on the market。 We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users.。 Thank you for your understanding.。