Aqua cute clear 250H

New idea that has piled up in the rail up and down from Kasane fir, the aquarium of two "two-stage small overflow system" clear glass type 250H.
Using Dedicated overflow drainage outlet parts to prevent anyone salt filtration space is wide, with less splash. Only option to cover the blindfold the filtration tank also prepare sold separately.
※ Hertz number will vary depending on your area concerning the pump.

JAN code 50Hz:4582155805496/60Hz:4582155806721
Product size 250× 250 × 600mm
C / S into a number of 1
Specification Water capacity 26L · 5mm ra su ga use

Point of product

Cute 250 exclusive cover

※ cover is sold separately

アクアキュートクリア250 カバー付き

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