Qualia 300 Terra,,ja,Transmittance with a very high clear glass "Qualia" series terrarium specifications. Bonding of the glass of the front, both sides, the back are, we have been subjected to a special processing to stick to cut each of the glass to 45 degrees, making it to the finish of the entire water tank visual also drifting feeling of luxury. All sizes, it has a cushion mat is included. Since the height of the front is located 20cm, you can ensure a sufficient amount of water to breed fish.,,ja

Terraria specification of the "qualia" series using clear glass with extremely high transmittance。For bonding glass on the front, both sides, and back、Since each glass has a special processing that is cut at 45 degrees and pasted、The visuals of the whole aquarium are also finished with a luxurious feel.。全サイズクッションマットが付属されています前面の高さは20cmありますので魚を飼育するのに十分な水量が確保できます

JAN code 4582155809319
Product size 30× 30 × 20 / 40cm,,zh-CN,· Water capacity of about 35L,,zh-TW
C / S into a number of 1
Specification 水容量・約17L

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