Starlight Illumination COSMOS

New concept proposal-illumination light made in collaboration with optical fiber and LED.
Achieve breakthrough production that is set to the surface, such as back screen of driftwood, coral accessories, floor sand(Mika case with a new login Qi). This is a new item light where you can enjoy the aquarium after I turned off the main lighting as "Night Aquarium".

JAN code 4582155804574
Product size Carton Dimensions:355×155×45
C / S into a number of 1
Specification Purpose / Content:LED optical fiber

Point of product

The LED body is irradiated from the outside of the tank, I will shine the tip of the 100 optical fibers that were laid out in the water tank.

Since the power supply and LED body is never to fall within the aquarium, you can safely use fresh and salt water either.

100It is possible to be laid out in accordance with this optical fiber to your liking (you can tied to driftwood and stones, and out the tip from the bottom sand)

Each tip is light at the irradiation of LED.

If optical fiber is long at the time of layout, because light is the tip when you cut, you can free layout.

LED body irradiation the seven colors of light, you can choose a variety of irradiation pattern by the program.

Christmas and Halloween, I can enjoy the decoration in accordance with the season depending on the idea, such as layout the image of a summer Milky Way.

Is a gem to produce a romantic "Night Aquarium" after I turned off the light.


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