Platinum hybrid soil black powder 8L

Complex functionality soil with additional nutritional function in excellent adsorption function with platinum soil
two-stage structure Platinum nutrients you have a special coating to soil nutrients is eluted from the slow-acting nutritional capsules nutrients expires stage by the absorption of water plants, etc. eluted.
Gently nutrients will continue to supply a long period of time.
In addition, in cooperation with the water engineering company, in order to suppress the hardness of the breeding water, we have appropriate amounts to features such as fixing up of adsorption and bacteria of ammonia and phosphoric acid is also added to the "reverse".

JAN code 4582155806783
Product size W280 × D90 × H450
C / S into a number of 3
Specification Soil color:Black and capacity:8L · grain size:2.0Mm ~ 3.4㎜ and nutrition capsule included(5Pac)

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