Platinum hybrid soil black powder 8L

Complex functionality soil with additional nutritional function in excellent adsorption function with platinum soil
A two-stage structure in which nutrients are eluted from a slow-acting nutritional capsule at the stage where nutrients with a special coating on platinum soil are eluted and the nutrients are cut off by absorption of aquatic plants, etc.。
Nutrients will continue to be supplied slowly for a long period of time。
Also、In collaboration with Water Engineering、To reduce the hardness of breeding water、An appropriate amount of "reverse" is added to add functions such as adsorption of ammonia and phosphoric acid and improvement of bacterial colonization.。

* In rare cases, white powder may adhere, but the living body、Please use it with confidence as it does not affect aquatic plants.。

JAN code 4582155806783
Product size W280 × D90 × H450
C / S into a number of 3
Specification Soil color:Black and capacity:8L · grain size:2.0Mm ~ 3.4㎜ and nutrition capsule included(5Pac)

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