Starlight Illumination COSMOS

New idea proposal type illumination light made by collaboration of LED and optical fiber。
Achieve breakthrough production that is set to the surface, such as back screen of driftwood, coral accessories, floor sand(Mika case with a new login Qi)。This is a new item light that allows you to enjoy the aquarium as a "night aquarium" after the main light is turned off.。

JAN code 4582155804574
Product size Carton Dimensions:355×155×45
C / S into a number of 1
Specification Purpose / Content:LED optical fiber

Point of product

The LED body is illuminated from outside the aquarium.、Lights up the tips of 100 optical fibers laid out inside the aquarium.。

The power supply and LED body do not enter the aquarium, so、Safe to use in both freshwater and seawater。

100Lay out the optical fibers of the book according to your preference (by attaching them to driftwood or stones)、By bringing out the tip from the bottom sand)

Each tip lights up with LED irradiation.。

If the optical fiber is long during layout、The tip will shine when you cut it.、Free layout possible。

The LED body emits light in 7 colors、You can choose from various irradiation patterns depending on the program.。

christmas and halloween、You can enjoy seasonal decorations depending on your ideas, such as a layout inspired by the Milky Way in summer.。

This is a masterpiece that creates a romantic "night aquarium" after the lights are turned off.。


Cosmos HP sub photo