202225 October Release

Announcement of the launch of "Gokujou Sango"

Philippine natural coral "Gokujo Sango" is now on sale。 A fish that prefers alkalinity with natural coral that stands out in white (saltwater fish)、cichlid、Brackish puffer fish、suitable for hermit crabs, etc.)。 Also、Nurturing bacteria、Porous and excellent in filtration function。 type:NO.0/NO.1/NO.3/NO.15/NO25:2kg/5kg

2019年10月03日 Release


★ New product information ★ Soil series "Master Soil Next" has been released from 2019.9.24! Successor to Mastersoil Contains the nutrients necessary for rearing aquatic plants.、 You can easily create highly transparent breeding water with the power of nutrient soil and natural soil specialized for aquatic plant breeding.。 Enjoy high-grade soil that has evolved from aquatic plant breeding。  

2014On April 1 Release

Announcement of new products added

Added new products。 See product information for details。 Product name ・Platinum leaf sand 10 kg ・Terra grass 6030 ・Mega tank 6045 OF set