3000 tablet overthrow

The action of butyrate-producing bacteria enhances the immunity of domestic fish、Balance the intestines。Essential mineral calcium enhances physical fitness、Makes water that is kind to living organisms。* Depending on the living body, you may not eat it.、There is no problem with water quality even if tablets remain.。that time、The effect will increase if you crush it in the aquarium and use it.。

JAN code 4582155804413
Product size 58×58×47
C / S into a number of 24
Specification Use:Bacteria with mineral agents,Capacity:100Grain

Point of product

The effect is exerted from within the body by ingesting the tablet.、Even if they are not preyed on, they elute into the rearing water, creating a stable water quality environment.。

Contains no organic matter、Does not pollute the breeding water。If it dissolves and disappears, you can re-administer it.、It is possible to maintain a good environment for a long period of time.。