Premium dry shrimp all fish 35g

Dry shrimp is a dried shrimp that concentrates the nutritional value by drying and naturally cooling naturally selected Ami shrimp.。
Can be used widely from small fish to large fish。Also、Contains calcium and vitamins, good for fish health, and can be expected to have effects such as resistance and appetite.。
*This product is not granules。
Raw materials:White net (mainly Isami)
Corresponding fish species:Freshwater fish、Saltwater fish
・This product is undergoing sorting work, but it may be
May be mixed。Please remove and use。
・If the food is large, crush it into small pieces before use.。

JAN code 4560151611532
Product size 70x70x72
C / S into a number of 24
Specification Contents:35g (grain size:3mm~10mm)

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