Natural driftwood M with concrete moss,,ja,To natural driftwood has to survival the Zokoke. The more it is difficult to high real and recognizable quality of Zokoke come in sophisticated finish. Furthermore reality will increase if you put in the water. Long you can enjoy the layout without having to melt or withered or. In addition, it does not have to be put in a goldfish aquarium is nudged to the goldfish. It is also recommended to the terrarium, vivarium.,,ja

Natural driftwood is rooted in moss。The quality of the moss is high and the finish is so elaborate that it is difficult to distinguish it from the real thing.。If you put it in water, it will give you more reality.。You can enjoy the layout for a long time without withering or melting.。Also、Even if you put it in a goldfish tank, it will not be pecked by goldfish.。Also recommended for terrariums and vivariums.。

JAN code 4582155809937
Product size 15cm-25cm
C / S into a number of 12

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