Aquatic plant、Notification of partial changes

2016On December 14

this time、The "waterweed seed" that was released as a new product、Cuban pearl glass
After verification、It turned out that the training situation is different from Cuban pearl glass。
Pearl grass itself、There are several variants、From an expert、Currently in Japan
I got the opinion that the variety is slightly different from the one on sale.。
Therefore、To avoid misunderstandings and confusion, "Carpet Pearl Glass"
We decided to change the product name and sell it.。
Orders from retailers far exceeded expectations、Because the amount of arrival is not enough yet
It hasn't reached the point where it is lined up in stores abundantly.、To some extent by the beginning of the year、
next spring、By the time the temperature rises and the training environment is set up、If we can deliver it to everyone
I'm thinking、Please wait for a while、Thank you。