For "premium seed" breed name change

2017On January 6

Ahead、Regarding the Cuban pearl grass, we have reported that the variety name has changed due to various circumstances.、Also for hair glasses and short hair glasses、The breeding process may differ from the original variety、It turned out。
On sale、We would like to do various verifications even if we come to our company.、Lack of verification from a professional point of view、Users who are familiar with aquatic plants who have purchased this product have pointed out.。
Therefore、Similar to pearl grass、To avoid misunderstandings and confusions of users、For hair glasses, we will change the product name and ship it.。
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused。

Bian Bian more and more former species name after the breed name
ヘアグラス        ニューロングヘア
ショートヘアグラス    ニューショートヘア

that's all、Thank you。