Krill granules、Thank you for the questionnaire and interim report

2020August 06

Thank you for your many answers, even though we just sent you a sample.。
Also、Even after the deadline, we have many submissions、To the size you expect、Awesome。
Regarding the survey results、You can't make a decision if you don't have enough answers、
just now、Honestly、It is the current situation that the percentage is not enough to restart sales.。

this time、Under the influence of coronavirus、Abennie Puffer not imported、By not being able to test enough、
Thank you for your cooperation、Considering the negative effects of SNS such as reputation、There was also concern that the decision was correct as a company.。

However、We touched on your sincere opinions and warm consideration.、It is true that I felt what it should be as a manufacturer。
Our company、Not a large company in the industry,、Users
We would like to release products that can be used with satisfaction.。

The expectations for Krill Granules were also very strong.。
With the cooperation of everyone、We would like to launch the successor product of Krill Granule as soon as possible.。

Inside the corona vortex、I think it will be difficult, but I pray from the bottom of my heart。