Notice of product name change for Tenpuku Kaizen Liquid

2023September 8, year

Usually、Thank you very much for your special patronage.。
Now、``Tempuku Kaizen Liquid'' has been patronized by everyone.、
On this occasion、From the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the competent authority、
The labeling of tempura may mislead consumers into thinking that it is a treatment for tempura disease.、
Instructions have been given to stop using。
When the product is released、Regarding the product name, we have checked with the relevant parties.、
I decided to commercialize it.、Regulations have become stricter over time.、
I understand that this guidance has been given.。

Even with our company、Follow this guidance、We will change the product name as follows.。
To everyone、Your burden、We apologize for the inconvenience.、Thank you for your understanding.、Thank you。

1.New product name “Balance Kaizen Liquid (100ml)、250ml、1000ml)』
2.JAN code No change with Tempuku Kaizen liquid various types
3.Shipping time Running change from new shipments