Krill Granule Puffer Renewal Sales Announcement

2023September 21

Than usual、Thank you very much for your continued support.。

On this occasion、“Krill Granule Puffer” has been discontinued.
2023As of September 21st, we have started selling "NEW Krill Granule Puffer" as a renewal product.。

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you regarding the discontinuation of Kuril Granules for a long time.、I am very sorry.。

2021Even after we announced that it would be discontinued in January, we have received many inquiries from users regarding the resale of Krill Granules.。
At our company, we have moved forward with manufacturing again in order to meet the expectations of our users.。

It took quite a while to complete、We conducted many feeding tests on the prototype.、It has reached a point where you can see some degree of bite.
9Sales will start from the 21st of this month.。

Unfortunately, the biological condition、Although it is not guaranteed that 100% of the animals will be fed due to breeding history, etc.
After investigating the verification results, we are confident that we are now in a state where we can be satisfied.。

Thank you for your continued patronage.。