2021January 26 Notice

Notice of discontinuation of Krill Granule

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users regarding the long-term shortage of our product "Krill Granule".。 Regarding Krill Granules, from around March of last year, administrative guidance was issued that non-food products (pet food, etc.) should not be manufactured at food factories from the viewpoint of hygiene, and production was forced to be discontinued.。 Around May of the same year, we brought it to the point of resuming production at a new production plant.、Difficult to reproduce the previous Krill Granule、Various sample manufacturing、Even after passing the feeding test, I did not get a satisfactory result with eating。 We continued to make prototypes for a long time, but we decided that we could not manufacture the same krill granules as before, so we decided to stop resale and we are sorry but we have decided to discontinue the krill granules. I will report。 We are very sorry for the users who have been expecting and waiting for this result.。 Thank you for your understanding.。