2021June 18 Notice

Notice of suspension of sales of "qualia series" and "slender with V2 pump"

Although the "qualia series" and "slender with V2 pump" have been very well received by users, sales have been suspended as the title suggests.。 The reason for the suspension of sales is the soaring price of raw materials for clear glass in producing countries.、At the same time, due to the decrease in production capacity due to the influence of the new coronavirus and the increase in demand for aquariums, it is currently、We are in a situation where there is no prospect of arrival。 We apologize for the inconvenience caused to users due to long-term shortages, but we have to suspend sales because the supply is too unstable to continue selling as a standard product in the future. I came to the conclusion。 We sincerely apologize to the users who have been waiting for the arrival, but please understand the situation as described above.、Thank you for your understanding.。