2021August 18 Notice

Platinum leaf sand NO.20 grain size

Platinum Leaf Sand No. 20 is currently on sale, but the standard of the conventional grain size (20mm-40mm) is slightly different due to the change of the supplier country of origin, and the grain size (20mm-) that is slightly smaller this time is received. 25mm)。 Retail store、When purchasing from an online sales company, please check the grain size before purchasing.。 We sincerely appreciate your understanding.。   Change grain size

2021August 06 Notice

2021年度 夏季休業のお知らせ

Than usual、Thank you very much for your continued support.。 Now、At our company、8The summer holiday period is from 13th (Friday) to 15th August (Sunday).。 We apologize for the inconvenience、Thank you for your understanding.。 Yet、During summer holidays、Please note that the shipment of products and the response to inquiries may be delayed.。

2021August 4 Notice

About white powdery substances that adhere to soil

Some users have pointed out that there is something like white mold on the soil.。 Regarding the white powdery substance that adheres to the soil、In the case of white soil mixed with the material (soil) itself、or、A substance that is sprayed to roll and harden the soil to give it moisturizing properties (of course)、There are two possible patterns when it is harmless to the living body) and looks white when it dries.。 In either case, when breeding a living body、It is completely harmless, so you can use it with confidence.。