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About the volume shrinkage rate of soil(About the volume shrinkage rate of soil)

The real volume of soil、It may be less than the stated volume.。 This phenomenon、This is due to shrinkage after the soil is sealed.。 Measure the stated capacity before encapsulation、I will enclose it in the package、After enclosing in a bag、箱詰めされた後の積載による 圧縮や時間経過による含有水分の蒸発により、A slight capacity reduction may occur。 This phenomenon、It is called the dandruff rate (soil volume change rate).。 Consider the dandruff rate in advance、There is also the idea that it should be enclosed so that the actual capacity and the stated capacity are the same in the end.、 圧縮率は均一ではないため(季節や保管状況・時間経過により異なる) ふけ率による減少分を予測し、It is not physically possible to increase the amount and enclose it.。 Also、Aquarium soil、Because it is used by immersing it in water、By absorbing water、 100It is possible that the compressed volume will return, if not%.。 Our soil enhances adsorption capacity、Because it is made for the purpose of making clean breeding water、The characteristic is that it is porous.、 Please understand that such a phenomenon will occur more.、We hope you will continue to use it.。   About the volume shrinkage rate of soil The actual volume of soil may be less than the stated volume. This phenomenon is due to shrinking after the soil is packed. Before packing, the stated capacity is measured and packed in the package, but after packing, after being packed in a box a slight decrease in capacity may occur due to compression due to loading after packing or evaporation of the contained water over time. This phenomenon is called the dandruff rate(rate of change in soil volume). There is also the idea that the dandruff rate should be